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About Us

About Us

Over 40 Years Experience !

Your property is a major investment and our major concern.

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Mark Behnke started working in landscaping in 1975 at the age of 18 for one of the pioneers in the industry, Joe Getzinger, of Getzingers Landscaping. Beginning in the 1960's Joe Getzinger and a few others paved the way for landscaping service to develop into what we have today. He was well known in the tri-county area.Mark was eventually promoted to landscape foreman for this company. He left after the 1978 season to start BEHNKE LANDSCAPING in 1979. Mark and Joe kept a close relationship over the years so he could glean from Joe's experience and knowledge. He started the lawn service in 1980 and after some trial and error, established a complete seasonal program to maintain the landscape investment of each home. This includes spring cleanups, trimming, mulching, thatching and seeding, fall cleanups, and of course weekly cutting.In 1992 he got his feet wet in the irrigation department and started installing underground sprinkler systems. This covers everything from design and installation, start-ups and repairs, to winterizations.By 1995 he saw the solid future of the hardscaping arena so he shifted from the temporal R.R. Ties and stacking stones to the more durable and lasting interlocking walls and pavers. He constructs everything from walkways, patios, and pool decks, to border walls, retaining walls, driveways, and porches.BEHNKE LANDSCAPING is a full service company. Whether you need lawn service and maintenance, landscaping, hardscaping, or irrigation, we've been at it for a long time. If you want a computer design of desired work, we can do that too. You can see your job before it's started. With an irrigation job, you will get a design layout of pipes, heads, and valves to show location.It's easier dealing with one contractor than multiple ones to maintain the landscaping of your home. Having a working knowledge of your lawn, plants, irrigation system, etc., is beneficial to you and us. Knowing what needs to be done, and when, takes the work and worry off you and puts it on us. 40 years in the industry has its advantages. If your home needs new work, a makeover, or just maintenance, consider...

Your property is a major investment and our major concern.